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Our aim is to better understand how the human brain processes visual information.

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The Charest lab at Université de Montréal uses visual objects as a proxy to study aspects of cognition such as perception, consciousness, memory, and decision making.

We use neuroimaging techniques such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Magneto-Electroencephalography(M-EEG), combined with psychophysical experiments of vision to investigate the brain mechanisms behind these cognitive processes, with a focus on honouring individual representational idiosyncrasies. We also use deep learning and machine learning to further characterise cognition and the brain.

Ian Charest, PhD
Principal Investigator

Jasper van den Bosch
Research Fellow

Adrien Doerig, PhD
Visiting Scholar

Katerina Simkova
PhD Student

Peter Brotherwood
PhD Student

Catherine Landry
PhD Student

Audrey Lamy-Proulx
MSc Student

Emmanuel Lebeau
MSc Student

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