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Alpha/beta power decreases track the fidelity of stimulus-specific information.

Griffiths, B. J., Mayhew, S. D., Mullinger, K. J., Jorge, J., Charest, I., Wimber, M., & Hanslmayr, S. (2019)

bioRxiv paper

The spatiotemporal neural dynamics underlying perceived similarity for real-world objects.

Cichy R. M., Kriegeskorte N., Jozwik K. M., van den Bosch J. J. F., & Charest I. (2019)

NeuroImage paper

Conscious perception of natural images is constrained by category-related visual features.

Lindh D., Sligte I. G., Assecondi S., Shapiro K. I., & Charest I. (2019)

bioRxiv paper

GLMdenoise improves multivariate pattern analysis of fMRI data.

Charest I., Kriegeskorte N., & Kay K. N. (2018)

NeuroImage paper

Testing the fast consolidation hypothesis of retrieval-mediated learning.

Ferreira C. S., Charest I., & Wimber M. (2018)

bioRxiv paper

Individuals with clinically relevant autistic traits tend to have an eye for detail.

Alink, A., & Charest, I. (2018)

bioRxiv paper

Neural dynamics of real-world object vision that guide behaviour.

Cichy R. M., Kriegeskorte N., Jozwik K. M., van den Bosch J. J. F., & Charest I. (2017)

bioRxiv paper

The human voice areas: Spatial organization and inter-individual variability in temporal and extra-temporal cortices.

Pernet C. R., McAleer P., Latinus M., Gorgolewski K. J., Charest I., Bestelmeyer P. E. G, Watson R. H., Fleming D., Crabbe F., Valdes-Sosa M., & Belin P. (2015)

NeuroImage. paper

Retrieval Induces Adaptive Forgetting of Competing Memories via Cortical Pattern Suppression.

Wimber M., Alink A., Charest I., Kriegeskorte N., & Anderson M.C. (2015)

Nature Neuroscience. paper

The brain of the beholder: Honouring individual representational idiosyncrasies.

Charest I., & Kriegeskorte N. (2015)

Language Cognition and Neuroscience. paper

Unique semantic space in the brain of each beholder predicts perceived similarity.

Charest I, Kievit R A, Schmitz T W S, Deca D, & Kriegeskorte N. (2014)

PNAS paper

Automatic domain-general processing of sound source identity in the left posterior middle frontal gyrus.

Giordano B L, Pernet C, Charest I, Bélizaire G, Zatorre R J, & Belin P, (2014)

Cortex paper

People-selectivity, audiovisual integration and heteromodality in the superior temporal sulcus.

Watson R H, Latinus M, Charest I, Crabbes F, & Belin P. (2014)

Cortex paper

Binge drinking influences the cerebral processing of vocal affective bursts in young adults.

Maurage P, Bestelmeyer P E G, Rouger J, Charest I, & Belin P. (2013)

NeuroImage: clinical paper

Cerebral Processing of Voice Gender Studied Using a Continuous Carryover fMRI Design.

Charest I, Pernet C, Latinus M, Crabbes F, & Belin P. (2013)

Cerebral Cortex paper

Vocal attractiveness increases by averaging.

Bruckert L, Bestelmeyer P E G, Latinus M, Rouger J, Charest I, Rousselet G A, Kawahara H, & Belin P. (2010)

Current Biology paper

Electrophysiological evidence for an early processing of human voices.

Charest I, Pernet C, Rousselet G A, Quiñones I, Latinus M, Fillion-Bilodeau S, Chartrand J P, & Belin P. (2009)

BMC Neuroscience paper

Impaired Emotional Facial Expression Decoding in Alcoholism is Also Present for Emotional Prosody and Body Postures.

Maurage P, Campanella S, Philippot P, Charest I, Martin S, & de Timary P. (2009)

Alcohol and Alcoholism paper

Human cerebral response to animal affective vocalizations.

Belin P, Fecteau S, Charest I, Nicastro N, Hauser M, & Armony J L, (2007)

Proceedings of the Royal Society paper